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We are looking to collect your unwanted laptops (working or not) to refurbish and distribute to the disadvantaged in our local and national community(s). We guarantee that your hard drive will be securely wiped and you will be issued a tax receipt for the market value of your laptop (please click on the Tax Receipt link for more information).

Take action this week to help support ‘Waste Reduction Week 2007’!

“This is what I think of you NOT donating your laptops!”

EDS employees volunteer at CompuCorps.org

They helped to refurbish laptop and prepare recycling boxes to collect laptop donations

CompuCorps hosted a volunteer day on Sept.29 where EDS’s teams of volunteers spent their Saturday helping facilitate technological needs.
EDS volunteers came to CompuCorps’ Tech Centre and used their expertise to test equipment, refurbish computers and prepare more recycling boxes to be distributed throughout the Ottawa community for future laptop donations.

The event was a glimpse of what is to come for Waste Reduction Week, which will be held Oct.15- 21. Bill Marvel, executive director at CompuCorps, said he would like this day to set an example for other companies to start donating unwanted laptops rather than throwing out their old unwanted laptops.

“The donated laptops are fixed and restored and then given to those in need in programs such as Tech Cane and Youth Zoom,” said Marvel. CompuCorps have partnered up with the Canadian Council of the Blind for a program called TechCane, to distribute restored and reprogrammed laptops to visual impaired Canadians. Their goal is to gather 10,000 laptops over a five-year period. Gord McDonald, EDS client sales executive, agreed that the partnership with the Canadian Council of the Blind is an essential tool to provide access to computers to the visually impaired.

“The relationship we have with CompuCorps can allow us to provide the services needed to assist CompuCorps’ with their mission,” said McDonald. Others such as Neil Bassett, an EDS employer and Bob Johnson, EDS computer consultant, believe volunteering and donating will benefit all of us and it will encourage other companies to start volunteering their time to local community charities.“Today, I will be reviewing the content of these IBM notebooks and preparing them for the next step, which is software restore,” said Bassett.

"I have the expertise in this field, so I might as well volunteer and help CompuCorps encourage other companies to be aware of the dangers of e-waste to the environment,” said Johnson. EDS’s Director Marketing and Communication, Greg Stevens, said the company partnered up with CompuCorps a year ago when they were helping build the environment study for the city of Ottawa. Stevens said it’s important to volunteer because, “as a corporation and as individuals we have the resources to support local communities.”“We have the skills and competence to help CompuCorps to restore computers,” said Stevens. “It’s our duty.”

McDonald was pleased to take time to help CompuCorps with its refurbishing efforts and hoped that with this volunteer day others will seek ways to get involved, and support the program.“We are raising the awareness level within the community, which is one part of the larger efforts by EDS employees to give back to the community,” said McDonald.

Written by Carolyna Vasquez